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     If you have some favourite pictures of Ireland and would like to share them here, just send them as attachments to : jon.omara@sympatico.ca.

     Northern Ireland - road and rail

     Ireland from space - satellite image

     Eire and Northern Ireland - political, rail, road

    Places of Interest
    Andrea Reddy and Mum

     These pictures were taken by Andrea Reddy's mum in the 1960's.

    Deb Stephens

      Deb Stephens was on a hiking trip in Ireland recently and took these stunning photos. " The first 2 are from Gougane Barra (Gaeltcht area of Cork- near Macroom-- spelled Gugan Barra, I believe, in Gaeilge).  The last photo (the panoramic) is near the ARDGROOM STONE CIRCLE-- a hike I did in September 2009." 

    The lighthouse is the Fanad Head Lighthouse, Co. Donegal.  Absolutely stunning location on the northern tip of the point.  Lighthouse has been operating since the 1800's!  The day that I was in this area was very grey and cloudy.  Within moments of arriving the sun burst through a small opening in the clouds and I had about a 10 minute window to take these pictures.  This is an absolutely stunning (though remote) place & I loved every moment of my time there (including my near arrest since I went through a gate I wasn't supposed to and tripped some alarms... whoops!)

    1st is of the Customs House.... 2nd is of the big Irish National Bank--- maybe the canon is there to keep the British out? LOL.... last one is of the 4 courts area.  I had a little apartment at Ellis Quay area and this was a path I walked MANY times this past fall!

    Jonathan and Shirley O'Mara

     Bantry House, near Cork, July, 1974

     Bantry House near Cork. Note the fully grown palm trees.  July, 1974

     July, 1974. On the cliffs in the Dingle Peninsula.